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Fine Custom Homes & Remodels | Commercial Construction

Your Dream Home

A Smooth Building Experience

Over 100 skilled tradesmen may work on your custom house, and hundreds of different types of building products – ranging from screws to windows to tiles to custom cabinets – could be involved. Interrelated components like framing, plumbing, electrical and heating systems as well as finish elements like tile work, cabinetry and flooring need to be choreographed sequentially.

         To keep your home construction project on track, Mike Sim plans and manages projects strategically. Trusted and reliable subcontractors are selected. Supplies from a myriad of different sources and with varying advance lead times need to be coordinated with a great deal of accuracy.

         With thoughtful planning, he synchronizes all the complex elements and steps of the home building process. By anticipating any problems that could crop up, he avoids the hassles that so often plague other home construction projects.

         When problems do arise, Mike Sim is a level-headed troubleshooter who quickly resolves issues and gets the project moving along on schedule.

Making Your Dream a Reality

         Whether it’s a primary residence or a weekend retreat, your fine custom home should reflect your lifestyle, design preferences and budget.

         Ideally, your builder will become involved at the design stage. By working with the architect, Sim Construction can offer information, advice and ideas gleaned from a quarter century of building experience.  

         Design encompasses a wide range of considerations including site selection, aesthetics, weather, views, safety, energy efficiency, building materials, decor and furniture, among others. 

         By selecting the right design elements and materials at the beginning of the project, you’ll get the product you want while remaining within your budget. 

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